Venkata Duvvuri, PhD, MS, MPH

Venkata Duvvuri worked as a Data Scientist in the Hadlock Lab. Venkata joined ISB with academic training in Public Health and Immunology as well as expertise in computational epidemiology, immunoinformatics and viral phylodynamic modeling.

Venkata went on to the University of Toronto as an Assistant Professor of Pathobiology and a Machine Learning Scientist for Public Health Ontario.

  • Medical Informatics, Data Science and Predictive Analytics (current)
  • Molecular surveillance & epidemiology of emerging viral pathogens
  • In-silico epitope-based diagnostic and vaccine biomarker discovery and mapping
  • MPH (Public Health) University of Waterloo, Canada, 2017
  • MSc (Biology) York University, Canada, 2011
  • PhD (Zoology) Osmania University, India, 2005