Vyshnika Sriskantharajah

After finishing work on a collaboration between RAIN and Pierce County’s DOH, where they looked for active transmission of COVID using wastewater epidemiology, Vyshnika Sriskantharajah realized the impact of having data-driven solutions to healthcare problems, so she joined the Hadlock Lab as an intern to learn more about how this could be accomplished. Vyshnika came to the Hadlock Lab while completing her MS in Health Informatics with a specialization in Data Science as well as working part-time at RAIN Incubator as a Data Analyst, assisting with IRB management for a COVID population study. Vyshnika joined the Hadlock Lab with a BS in Biotechnology, specializing in Bioinformatics as well as a certificate in Biomedical Informatics.

Vyshnika went on to the U.S. Veterans Affairs as a Data Manager.